Belairberry was built in the 1950s and the concrete terrace upstairs has no engineering data. Please be mindful not to have concentrated loadings in a small area and no more than 40 people distributed over the whole terrace area. The stairs also should be limited to 3 persons on the rear spiral staircase and 5 persons on the front staircase.

Parents should familiarise themselves with the access from the upstairs terrace to roofs and other other area without handrails so that children can be supervised appropriately

Cameras are installed, clearly visible, covering all accesses to the building

Apologies and please be aware that a pool landscaping is being completed to the rear of the property and guests are not permitted in the pool or inside the temporary fencing until the work is complete in September 2019.

Beware of Cacti and other spiky plants. Belairberry is spiny plant heaven.

The upstairs terrace is slippery when wet in thongs.

Emergency 000

See Fact sheet on calling 000 near back door

Fire blanket, Extinguisher and First Aid Kit near back door in the kitchen.

Shoalhaven HospitalAddress: 2 Scenic Dr, Nowra NSW 2541

Phone: (02) 4421 3111

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Berry Medical Centre 22 Prince Alfred St 02 4464 1577