Belairberry was built by George Boris, a vet recruited from then Czechoslovakia, by the  Milk Board. The house was built on 2 blocks facing Queen street and a swimming pool on the two rear blocks facing Princess St. The house was started in 1954 and completed in the 1960’s. George was very hands on in its construction and there are many local tales told. The design is set in that era, with little evidence of Georges’ European  background. Rather it could be out of Palm Springs with the large overhanging walkways and upstairs terrace to cool the main house and capture the breeze. 

The house was George’s residence downstairs with his wife and two sons. Upstairs the large room was for board games and those who couldn’t make it home bunked into the smaller bedroom. The garden flats were consulting rooms, a room for producing medicines, for housing small animals and a stable for the large ones where the store is located.

I was born in 1954, in Wollongong and remember travelling past the magnificent house, my eyes being constantly drawn, to the  discordinant contrast to the surrounding architecture. Why is there external curved stairs and what relationship to the two rooms upstairs have to each other and the lower floor? I remember saying to my parents ..”i like that house” and they typically replied ….”It’s ridiculous”.

Good art is timeless and Belairberry has many features required in homes today, plenty of light, outdoors spaces for entertaining and nooks you can escape to. There are a few houses in Wollongong and Sydney with the similar P and O architecture. At this time architectural plans were  available though magazines such as People and Pix and I think the architecture’s most probable had its origin is in California.

I am the third owner an much has been done to keep the place waterproof and maintain its amity. I have enjoyed working and living in the house. Its relaxed spaces as it has taught me so much about design. ……David Farthing